Breakfast With Al

Did you know that  over 19% of children in Ocean County Schools do not know where their next meal will come from? There is a widening gap that separates the “haves” and “have-nots,” but you can help. That's where Simon's Soup Kitchen and its "Breakfast with Al" program helps. Each child is provided with a brown bag breakfast to fulfill that need of a healthy breakfast. 

In 2007 Simon’s Soup Kitchen lost its head cook Al Scheideler. Al was a guiding light at the kitchen not only in his knowledge of food but as a mentor for everyone. He never said no, he never complained, and never wanted any credit or a pat on his back for what he did. One of Al’s main interests at the kitchen was the children. After he cooked the meal on a given night, he would come out of the kitchen and make sure the kids had plenty. This was the perfect example of Al caring for others. After Al’s untimely passing a suggestion was made to start to provide a bagged breakfast for the children at Simon’s Kitchen so they would have breakfast before school. In the fall of 2007 the  program launched and named in memory of Al Scheideler, “BREAKFAST WITH AL” has been recognized around the state of New Jersey.